Claypoole Films is a small film studio based in West Chester, PA, specializing in wedding and corporate videos. I worked with Claypoole Films to redesign their web presence, developing a clean, modern, and luxurious one-page website that showcases everything the team has to offer.

A beautiful presentation.

Stunning high-resolution photographs and graphics add liveliness to the overall presentation of the website. Muted color tones were selected whenever applicable to contrast well with the gray-dominant identity.

Carefully curated type.

The type is set in Semplicita Pro by Canada Type, a digitization of Alessandro Butti’s original 1928 work for the Nebiolo Type Foundry. We wanted a typeface that paired well with Claypoole Film’s logo, but also one that reflected the character and significance of the works the studio produces. The face provides the balance between the elegance and expressiveness of the Italian Renaissance, with the modernism and cleanliness of a sans-serif. It creates a harmony that is pleasing to read while adding a sense of class and timelessness that weddings call for.