Kids in Special Situations

Kids in Special Situations is a non-profit organization that works to increase autism awareness through community events. We built a brand new website that helps spread the word through the web and enables visitors to register for events or donate to the cause.


A beautiful new website to celebrate autism awareness.

When designing the new website for Kids in Special Situations, we took special care to make the design simple, accessible, and informative. The design allows visitors to focus on what matters most based on context: a clean header makes every page easy to access, and each page contains direct, precise information. Images bring life to the page, and visitors are reminded of the impact of their contributions or voluntary efforts to help bring awareness to autism spectrum disorder.

We wanted to ensure that the website reflected the organization’s new branding: the website was the first test to utilize the new brand identity and apply it across a system. Skolar and Freight Sans were selected as official typefaces, a complimentary pair that bring both professionalism and warmth to the presentation, making it approachable while still authoritative. Muted blues and grays are used across the website to make the images pop front and center.