The University of Pennsylvania's premier Korean American a cappella group receives a facelift across all of its visual platforms that brings consistency to the brand identity.


A colorful persona.

PennSori’s new identity guidelines emphasize the use of vibrant colors, a stylistic decision that originates from the use of colorful backdrops for the group’s biannual performances. The group’s main colors are derived from the Korean Taeguk (the circular element of the Korean flag), and a number of hues are added for a diverse palette.

Additionally, the a cappella group’s mark, a disassembled Taeguk, is magnified and imposed on images at various orientations as a visual system to enhance marketing materials in a standardized, yet exciting fashion.

A complete facelift on the web.

The new is designed and custom-tailored for the a cappella group, with vibrant and colorful palettes and beautiful photographs that highlight the rich and bright experiences of the student musicians. Inspired by the use of approachable graphics and colors in Korean web design, PennSori’s new website is designed to also bridge the gap in terms of Western and Korean visual tastes.