First in business.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is the world’s first collegiate business school, holding a reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious business schools with countless visionary alumni, including Ronald Perelman and Elon Musk. As an intern, I’ve had the opportunity to work for their Communications team to help design their graphics, websites and print materials.

All work done for the Wharton School was collaborative and reflect the contributions of Justin Flax, Corey Riddle, Esther Jeon and Felicia Chen.

Front Wharton Fund leave behind.
Rear Homepage for Wharton’s Lifelong Learning program.

The Wharton School already had an established identity system, which primarily consisted of a diagonal system and prominent use of the Wharton color palette. My main goal was to find new ways to adapt that system to different environments and to make them feel seamless to each of the settings they were placed in.

I focused on Wharton’s Alumni website and their digital graphics, creating new webpages for Wharton’s Lifelong Learning program and Partnerships section, and redesigning a number of email blast templates. We worked as a team to help modernize Wharton’s brand while maintaining the tradition and history of the business school.

Creating material for Wharton enabled me to approach design with a new set of challenges: the overall theme was already decided, and new work had to adhere to those guidelines while still feeling fresh. The challenges were at times exciting and at other times restrictive, but the end result was much more cohesive. The work never felt stale, and that was indicative of a strong identity system.